Carla Juacaba, the Ultimate Professional in Solving your Intimacy Issues

If you are feeling unhappy or disconnected in your sex life, counseling is one of the best ways to go. Carla Juacaba relationships expert is the ultimate standard when it comes to solving matters regarding sex in a relationship. We help couples as well as individuals overcome their relationship problems in a well comforting and confidential environment.

If sex in a relationship is unsatisfying, couples may feel disconnected as the relationship is likely to have lost spark. The other problem may be that you and your partner constantly argues or even barely speak to each other. Married or unmarried; as Carla Juacaba I can relate to all these kinds of problems to enable couples get back to their once happy and magical romance.

After experimenting with me, some of our clients’ feedback is that they now feel genuinely loved and understood in sex matters and beyond. I help shift arguments among couples into an effective communication channel so that partners get to thoroughly feel and understand each other. I have helped lots of couples recover from affairs, rebuild their trust and fell proud of each other again. Failure to communicate is the big setback when it comes to discussing sexual matters among couples. We offer a conducive and comfortable environment which helps identify the problems and come out with the best solutions. Perhaps you may be worried about your privacy; I do things in a private and highly confidential approach.

My sex therapy sessions enables you achieve your sexual goals in a relationship. You get to heal form past sexual trauma or abuse, discover what turns you on prior to a sexual experience, develop your own expression for romance and have a more satisfying sexual experience.

Sexual matters affect people of all ages and backgrounds-young adults, sexual orientation among many others. It doesn’t matter; we provide a proven approach for enhancing intimacy that ultimately helps in developing a healthy sexual relationship with your partner. Even if your partner finds it difficult to come forward, don’t worry. I help roll out changes that will positively influence your sexual relationships with them.

With Carla Juacaba, during counseling sessions you get to learn simple and yet effective means which will help you build and contain your sexual relationship. It takes courage to freely discuss intimacy issues and that is why connecting with us is very simple. You just have to give a call and I promise to create immediate and positive change in your sex life.

How to Get a Huge Cumshot?

“How do I get to shoot big cumshots like porn actors?” You have probably seen those loads of cumshots in porn films and left wondering if it is actually real, or if some CGI or camera trick enhanced the amount of cum blasting of most male actors. Well, those massive cumshots are actually 100 percent real, and the good news is that even you can shoot like them!

For you to shoot loads of semen like most male porn actors, it is important that you increase your overall semen production. Reading and implementing the following tips on how to shoot a bigger cumshot will certainly help you increase sperm volume and count.

  • Reduce the number of times you ejaculate

Frequency of ejaculation usually affects the volume of semen that you produce. If you abstain from sex or masturbation for a day or two, your load volume will increase because your glands have enough time to replenish allowing you to produce bigger loads.

  • Pelvic exercises such as Kegels

Exercises such as Kegels tend to strengthen the pelvic muscles and this will definitely help you shoot more forcefully and farther. Kegels should be done regularly so as to improve how these muscles work. Tensing your abdominals when you ejaculate can also increase the force of your load.

  • The prostate

Your prostate is responsible for over 45 percent of the volume of your ejaculate, so if you want to increase your sperm volume and count it is essential that you have a healthy prostate. Although this might be common sense, being hydrated, eating healthy proteins, vegetables & fruits and getting a good night’s sleep are very important for your prostate’s health and other glands that are responsible for producing semen.

  • Supplements

There is a wide array of both semen/sperm increasing and erection pills. Their use at home and in the porn industry is increasing rapidly. Saw Palmetto and herbal supplements pygeum are known to enhance functioning of the prostate glands which in turn increases semen volume. Zinc is also important for male reproductive health system as well as load volume because the prostate produces large amounts of the mineral. Lecithin also increases sperm count and orgasm intensity.

Recommended volume pills can also work to increase your load’s volume. Currently they are the most popular voluminizing supplement in the market and are used mostly by pornstars for producing massive cumshots. Porn actors use these type of pills to enhance performance of their little man. These products in combination with male enhancement pills they become extremely effective. Other products like ProSolution pills and Semenax can also help you release an impressive and powerful shot.

If you use these tricks and tips properly, you will definitely ejaculate with an impressive force, volume and distance just like the porn stars you see in porn movies. Have fun!

Carla Juacaba Teaches You Her Secrets

Carla Juacaba emphasizes that sex is another level of relationship and oral sex is just another form of sex and does not make inferior under any situation. Like other relationships, reciprocity matters. Carla Juacaba emphasizes on the role of oral sex specifically going down on a woman to showing more character and technique of a man. During foreplay, a man that is able to go down and lick her woman’s pussy and do it in the right way is just on the right track to fulfilling a woman desires. This are some of the important facts that a man should know when doing this.

The comfort zone

A woman has to be comfortable to enjoy the episode. As a man , you have the responsibility of making her comfortable. Let your woman feel relaxed. Break all the shackles of self-consciousness especially those that relate to her sexual activity. You can do this by asking her to relax and reassuring her that all is ok. Do not rush at anything, take your steps easy and if you get any soft objection move with it slowly into self-submission.

Put her in the perfect position

A woman has to be in the perfect position to appreciate your tongue rolling on her. She knows the position that comforts her. As you move around in bed preparing for the episode, let her settle to the position of her desire. You may give her help but do not push her into a stature that she objects. Listen to her and her body movement.

Tease her

You need to start teasing her with your tongue. The main area is the clit. Avoid the clit at the beginning. Start teasing her from the furthest point erotically possible. You may move from her chest slowly through her belly caressing her with your tongue. As you approach her vagina, avoid it at first and go to her thighs. Work it with your tongue from the furthest end towards the vagina. Make it sensual and intimate. Tease her that you are heading to the goal as you create the anticipation.

Understand her

When you reach her vagina, start from the edges as you feel her movement. She will peak slowly and it will take her approximately 20 minutes to get her orgasm. You need to work on her clit for ten minutes. Go around the edges, do intense licking on the edges as you move towards the clit. Work on the clit rhythmically. Make your rubs with the tongue increase in crescendo gradually. Understand her movement. She will peak gradually from her crescendo to the grand finale. Make it as intense as possible. You may even get a vibrator to assist in the job.

When you feel that she is getting closer to the climax, maintain what you have been doing. Do not stop. There is nothing as bad as leaving a woman hanging. Remember, your goal is to make her feel good. Act like being between your legs is your most favourite place. Do your work diligently and see her come through her orgasm. It is all a matter or attitude, and Carla Juacaba emphasizes it.

Having Issues with Your Manhood? Here is Where the Solution Lies

Even though this is not a topic that most men will discuss openly, but the truth of the matter is that any shortcomings or malfunctions to a guy’s penis can be detrimental not only to their sex life but also to their self-esteem which will then affect how well they relate with people. Even though this may sound really bad, one of the best sexperts Carla Juacaba has a solution that most men will find quite riveting and very helpful. It is not the miracle in a bottle promise that most men have usually believed in only to be disappoint but it is a miracle nonetheless. This is

It is a website that has been addressing problems with the male reproductive level in an individual level and understands the fact that not all men suffer from the same problems and as such having a single bottle that can fix anything does not make sense. They have a variety of products that address each and every single problem that any man might be facing and the best part is that each of the solutions that they have been able to come up with does work and the results are nothing but impressive. The site does not only offer you pills to help with your problems but they also give you a detailed workout routine that can be handy when you’re looking to get a larger cock, increase the volume of your load and instead of having a trickle when you cum, you shoot your load. Every man agrees that these are areas of concern and that they may not be able to discuss this with other people but being able to rectify the same will allow the man’s outlook to change and they will even feel better about themselves knowing that they are able to meet expectations on all levels.

The website helps men with a variety of problems that range from improving the taste of your cum, improving your performance in bed and even how to improve and increase your seminal fluid. Keep in mind that Carla Juacaba being an expert in this field has recommended only the best and the safest and as such you don’t run any risk should you decide to try some of the treatments and solutions that have been advocated for on

The treatments that are available on the site vary depending on the condition that one might be suffering from but include pills that are dedicated to help you make your presence known in bed by increasing the flow of blood to some of the more vital places to diets that will help correct the places that might not be functioning optimally permanently. There are also a variety of exercises that are designed to help a great variety of men and especially those that would like to put up better performances in bed. The variety of treatments offered by the site means that the problem is addressed on a scientific, dietary and physical level and as such does not have the opportunity of recurring.

This is the ideal site where all men can be able to find advice and address their sexual problems with solutions that actually work and are not after fleecing them of their hard earned money by prying on their weakness.

Ejaculation Guru Reviewed: An Effective Product to Try

One of the most common issues in the sex life of men is premature ejaculation. It does not affect a man physically, but it has a big impact on him emotionally. It greatly affects a man’s wellbeing especially when he often thinks that he is incapable of satisfying his lady. This then leads to various issues in a relationship. Before this kind of problem becomes serious, deal with ejaculation problem using the right product in the market like Ejaculation Guru. Seeing a lot of Ejaculation Guru reviewed online simply means that it is a product worth your time and money. Your search for the right solution for premature ejaculation would surely end when using this product.

What is the Ejaculation Guru?

This eBook serves as a guide or manual for men who are aiming to permanently eliminate premature ejaculation. It is one of the best products in destroying the frustration that men commonly experience after sex. Lasting longer in bed is very important and with issues in ejaculation, doing so is close to impossible. This is why such product is created and the different methods in it could certainly change your story. The different techniques you will find in the product would be helpful and could be instantly applied on your next sexual encounter. Thrusting style, breathing techniques, controlling orgasm and lasting longer are just some of the many topics you could find in the product.

The Advantage of Using the Product

If you want to satisfy your woman completely, you need to last for at least 15 minutes in bed. For those with premature ejaculation, this is definitely a difficult task. It would be possible to experience and see your partner completely enjoying the sex experience if you could last long enough and this product will provide all the information needed to achieve this. The product contains natural techniques and methods to control ejaculation without the aid of drug like pills.

Since you will see some results after a few weeks of learning from the product, it will start to make you feel better and worry-free when having sex. The increase in self-confidence will surely have a big impact on your performance in bed.

A lot of men could prove that the product really works and had met its promises. Though there are claims that they did not experience significant improvement, this is normal. The effect of these techniques will still depend much on the ability of the body to adapt and change. Also, see to it that you apply faithfully the techniques as instructed in order to get the result you seek. Continue seeking for Ejaculation Guru reviewed to know more about it before making your final decision.

Follow these Easy and Fast Ways of Losing Weight Naturally

People who wanted to lose weight should do it naturally. Relying on medical products and procedures to lose weight is only temporary and often could result to various side effects to the body. If looking for a long-term solution to obesity or you simply wanted to have a fit body, there are easy and fast ways of losing weight naturally.

Drink More Green Tea

Green tea is popularly known for its ability to fighting cancer. However, this is not its only benefit since it also could help improve metabolism. There is a study conducted in America which states that people who drink green-tea regularly after every meal had an increase in their metabolic rate. This simply means that you burn calories even with just drinking.

Drink Plenty of Water

There is a research done in Germany which shows that drinking more water could increase the rate of metabolism of the boy. So if you are over-weight right now, start drinking more water to speed up your metabolism. Water does not only help your metabolism but could also prevent over eating. This is because drinking water regularly all throughout the day prevents you from eating too much. When you feel hungry, simply drink water first before eating something so you easily feel full.

Avoid Alcohol

A lot of people are fund of drinking alcoholic drinks after meals especially during some special occasions or parties. This alcohol has a negative effect on metabolism. If you continuously drink alcohol after every meal, there is a great chance that your body would store fat.

Boost Metabolism with Workouts

If you live a sedentary kind of life, it is the main reason why you gained weight. The best way to deal with this is through getting into a regular workout. Your goal first is to be able to do this work out regularly for a couple of weeks. Do your workout for about 3-5 times a week for better results. If you got used to it after a couple of weeks, try to incorporate some high intensity moves in your workout sessions. This is a good way to boost your metabolism. If you jog, try to do some sprints every 5 minutes of your jog time. The sprint could last for about 30 seconds only.

The best thing about these easy and fast ways of losing weight naturally is it offers a long-term result. With this, keeping your desired body weight is not that hard to do since you worked hard for achieving your ideal weight. Check the following video for more tips on how to lose weight fast with a natural ingredient:

Useful Skin Whitening Tips for Everyone

A white and fair skin is the ultimate goal of most women. This is because they believe that a whiter skin could make them look and feel beautiful. Women with whiter skin are also more attractive to men. Good thing a lot of skin whitening tips revealed online. Before you give any of these tips a try, see to it that a thorough research is done first to check its effectiveness and safety. It could harm the skin if you simply try anything presented online. If you have a darker skin, you don’t have to be completely disappointed for it also has its advantages. This type of skin is less susceptible to damages caused by sunlight.

Skin Whitening Creams and Natural Options

Women who plan to have a lighter skin would immediately think about using skin whitening creams available in the market. There is actually no problem with doing so since there are now a lot of products that helps revitalize and moisturize the skin using natural ingredients. Just make sure that the product you choose is all natural for a safer whitening effect.

If ever you wanted to try some homemade remedies which are of course more natural than product in the market, start by using lemon. It serves as natural bleach which improves skin tone and with regular use could make the skin look whiter. Some people use rose water with the lemon but some simply goes for pure lemon juice. Apply this on face using cotton and leave it there for about 3-5 minutes. Rinse with hot water.

Some Important Agents of Skin Whitening

Another group of natural agents for skin whitening are cottage cheese and oatmeal. Simply mix the two well and add a tomato juice to the mixture for a more efficient solution. Apply the mixture on the face and leave it there for about 15-20 minutes. Remove it with water. After rinsing, it would also help if you apply a mixture of lukewarm water and vinegar on the face. Leave it for about 5 minutes then rinse off.

Skin Whitening Using Orange Zest

Dry some peel of orange zest and grind it. Add milk on it to create a paste. Apply this on face for about 10 minutes then rinse with water. This will not only lighten your complexion but will also help remove dark spots on the skin.

All the skin whitening tips revealed above for skin whitening could be more effective when coupled with a balanced and nutritious diet. The condition and look of the skin also depends on the foods we eat. Fresh fruits and vegetable could have significant effect on the skin. Being hydrated by drinking plenty of water would also have good effects. For more skin whitening tips, watch the following video:

Best Cellulite Treatment

To most women, one of the greatest physical concerns that they have on their appearances is cellulite. Cellulite are deposits of fat making your skin look dimpled. They are most commonly found on the buttocks and thighs. Most women find it a hard task to get rid of the cellulite appearing on their skins. However, there are several best cellulite treatment methods that assist in reducing their appearances. One of the most popular methods of getting rid of them is use of body wraps. These are anti-cellulite wraps the claims to draw toxin and fats from the body. A physical wrap is usually wound around the region affected by the cellulite. The wraps do not completely get rid of the cellulite but instead smooths the skin hence lessening the cellulite’s appearance. The wrap also moisturizes the area.

Massage therapy has also been an option for most cellulite sufferer. There are two types of massage available. These include use of hands or by use of machines that are specifically geared to getting rid of cellulite. Massage that targets reduction of cellulite has proven effective but only for a short period. This is because massage does not remove the fatty deposits but only assists in redistributing it. For continued results, a cellulite victim needs to be done massage regularly.

Among the best cellulite treatment method is laser therapy. However, before considering laser therapy, it is important to ensure that the person performing the treatment has been properly trained. Also ensure that the laser device has been approved by FDA. Maintaining continued results in reducing cellulite, a person suffering from cellulite requires performing the treatment regularly, just like in massage therapy.

There are also some other natural and personal treatments among the best cellulite treatment methods. These include having a good diet as well as getting physical exercise. Reducing appearance of cellulite can be greatly enhanced by eating diets that are rich in high fiber fruits as well as vegetables. Physical exercises can be taken in form of aerobics, light weight lifting, gentle yoga as well as running.

Ways on How to Whiten Your Skin

The skin is one of the most important organs in the body which should be taken care of very much. The skin needs a lot of care because it can disappoint you when you are in front of people. Skin problems are brought about by exposing yourself to excess sunlight which later destroys your skin color. The skin is of various types including brown and dark skin. Most of the ladies who suffer from skin problems are struggling hard to whiten their skin so that they can beautify their skin color.

To whiten your skin color, you need to take a shower then dry your skin so that you can apply some lotion on your skin which helps to whiten the skin and protect it from any infections. Lemon is also applicable on whitening the skin color as when you apply on the skin, it helps to remove all the infections by producing an acid which helps to clear and fight all the scratches on the skin which make one feel uncomfortable making the skin to whiten.

Two Ingredients to Whiten Your Skin

Milk powder is another thing which can make your skin color whitens when applied. The powder contains acid which enables the external parts of the skin fight away anything that can inter fear with the skin. Olive oil is very important when whitening the skin color because it works very fast to make sure the skin is free from any discomfort and the oil does not contaminate with the skin color or damage it. Eggs helps a lot to whiten the skin color because you just mix the solid substance and apply on the skin then stay for some time to allow the reaction so that your skin can be whitened.

Melon vine is very important in whitening the skin color especially to heal the skin from infections and you just need to slice the melon vines then apply on the skin, leave it for some time so that your skin color can whiten as soon as possible. Tomato plant can whiten your skin color especially if you have sports on your face because you will only rub the tomato plant on the skin then it will remove the sports as fast as it can leaving your skin healthy and whitened.

The skin is very important and it needs lots of care for it to whiten and appear healthy. When you follow the correct steps, your skin will always be smart and healthy.For more tips on how to whiten your skin visit Skin Care Secrets.

How to Lose Weight after Pregnancy the Right Way

It is true that one of the most wonderful experiences of a woman is giving birth. However, aside from its difficulty, it also comes with another problem on losing weight. During the times that you are pregnant, surely gaining weight is inevitable and now, you’re aiming to throw away those extra pounds. Some find this easy but many are really having troubles with it.
Do not lose hope for though it is hard to lose some weight after your pregnancy, it is definitely not an impossible endeavour to take. You simply have to be consistent and persevering with your efforts and results will surely show up. Though some people found success with fast weight loss programs, it is not ideal to go with this option. It’s better to choose a diet low in fats plus starting a regular exercise routine. This is certainly the best technique to lose weight. Even though losing weight is in an average speed, at least you still shed some pounds and it’s a healthy way to do it.
One mistake in those quick lose weight practices could put you in harm. A lot of new moms today think that they need to choose the way celebrity moms lose weight after pregnancy. Though it is certainly achievable, keep in mind that they have everything they need to do it safely. They are aided by a group of health professionals like fitness experts, dieticians, nurses and doctors who ensure their safety all the time even though aiming for fast weight loss. If you can’t afford such luxury, it’s best to go easy on yourself. Do not use celebrity moms as your example or motivation in losing weight for it will just add more pressure.
You need to allow your body to recover first by eating healthy. For the first couple of months after your pregnancy, you need to concentrate on nourishing your body instead of thinking too much about weight loss. Keep in mind that you will be taking care of your baby like waking up frequently in the night for the baby so you need proper nourishment or else you’ll end up with fatigue and failing to feed your baby properly.
After waiting for a couple of months, you could start exercising but to do not overdo it. Take it slowly and eventually increase the intensity of your exercise when you feel that you could handle it. Start with light exercises first prior to going for intensive ones. Lastly, just eat with the right amount and eat only healthy foods like vegetables and fruits.